I will live my dream.

I will surrender to truth. 
I will savor moments; large and small.
I will create from the heart, create work I believe in, and share it openly with the world.
I will surround myself with love. 
I will root deeply in the people and ideas I believe in.
I will find my place.
I will push myself outside of my comfort zone, and find comfort in being uncomfortable.
I will take risks.
I will make a lot of mistakes, but I will live without regret.
I will dream big.
I will turn inward for approval and acceptance and be at home in my own skin. 
I will never be perfect. And that's awesome. 
I will communicate from a place of authenticity.
I will never stop exploring.
I will remain flexible.
I will always trust my heart over my mind.
I will celebrate others.
I will not fear expansion and shed what no longer serves me.
I will trust in the process.

I am here to love and love I will.

"I don't know what I'll want or be when I'm older, but I was made for it. And it waits for me there." - Jedidiah Jenkins