Artist Bio's 

Meet our past and present artists. Come enjoy a night of chill vibes and beautiful art! Visit our Calendar page for upcoming events featuring these lovely artists.



Pauline grew up in Southern England and lived in London studying Fine Art – painting, drawing, printmaking and fiber arts. Inspired by travels to Japan, she started making printed & quilted wall hangings, banners and flags. She taught at a various of art colleges around the world including: London High School and schools in the Bay Area. She was active in the Artists Union of Great Britain, serving on the secretariat, running meetings and producing monthly newsletters. In 1998, she joined the San Francisco Women Artists and served on the artist council for several years. 


NICOLE SWEENEY : February 2017

Nicole creates the most amazing wood work. She assembles it into intricate patterns and displays on tables, art work, and much more. Her intricate and attention to details will amaze anyone.


SANIYA TALHOUK : September 2016

Saniya creates with an innate ability to discover truth and clarity that is achieved through visual representation.  Through mark making, selected elements of the world made tangible, personal experience is made susceptible to order and rearrangement: allowing me to more completely grasp, order and illuminate the intricacies of personal experiences.