My husband and I were born and raised in San Francisco, CA. I was raised in the Outer Sunset and my husband Jody was raised in Bernal Heights. We met in 2005 while he was playing with his band Bayonics. I was forced out with my girlfriends trying to move on from a break up and that night I met my soulmate. <3


For the last 11 years, Jody and I have worked together as a team to navigate through life. We are complete opposites. I'm high strung with a lot of energy and he is the cool easy going, go with the flow, busy body. I love living life on a whim and he loves things scheduled and planned out. We balance each other out. After 5 years of dating and 6 years of marriage, we finally perfected our relationship…...until….we had kids.

There is nothing in the world that prepares you for having kids! Our entire world, routine, perfect scenario and rhythm was thrown right out the window. We had our little blonde baby boy Hunter who is a fireball! He has had a rough few years and that is why Hunter’s Threads exists. Fifteen months later, we had our daughter Isla. She is calm, loud and a sweet soul. Hunter has the whole family wrapped around his finger. We are still trying to juggle getting him all the care and therapies he needs to be able to be independent later in life. It’s been a process, but we are committed to going above and beyond. Isla is along for the wild ride!

I currently work full time. My parents started the non-profit organization 30 years ago. It started out with the family working and has grown exponentially. Throughout my years at SFCI I have worn many hats. Jody works full time as the Music and Sound Lead for Intel's Global Production Labs. Jody is also a band member for Bayonics. He plays the trumpet and comes from a gifted family of music and the arts. He has taken a short break from music to focus on our family and ensuring Hunter gets all the help he needs. You can still catch him playing shows when he needs an outlet!

Out of desperation Hunter's Threads was born. I'm committed to make sure that kids like Hunter are able to access the resources necessary to help improve their quality of life. It shouldn't be unattainable. If Jody and I didn't fight for Hunter to get the 3 therapies a week, he would be severely delayed.  Jody and I are thrilled to start this journey.

<3 Michelle, Jody, Hunter and Isla