I like glasses, blueberry muffins, puzzles,  cookies, bumblebees, green smoothies & horses. Oh, and I like you! 

Hunter is 3.5 years old and has a sister named Isla who is almost 2 years old. They are each others best friends. You can find Hunter darting off in different directions and usually his parents are running after him.  He is wild, fun, free, determined and funny. He is a bright soul, yet has some developmental delays. He receives, speech, occupational and physical therapy. He did not have an advocate in the early stages of life as I was a new parent trying to find answers. Since then he has found great therapists and attends a school where they care for him and challenge him to excel. His journey of getting to where he is now, was a rough one - but it is also what birthed Hunter's Threads. He is a strong sweet soul with many qualities to be a comedian.