Friendships and FOMO

The last 3.5 months I have spent all my free time working on Hunter's Threads. The the last two weeks, I've had friends in and out of the store helping me prepare for the launch that happened 2 Saturdays ago (Sept 3rd). I had such a great time reconnecting with old friends & new friends who came to help out.  I'm amazed at how much we can get accomplished when everyone gets together.

About 4 years ago, I unknowingly,  started drifting away from close friends. Jody and I were really good at being available to hang out with friends. I would never be home and always be out and about. Jody and I were summoned by friends almost every day to be young and free. We lived life on a whim. When I was pregnant with Hunter, my new little family started taking priority. Many things in my life were very very stressful. From work, to family relationships and even friendships began to take a toll on me. I didn't really get the time to invest in my friendships like I usually would. I usually served as an ear and sound board for friends and family, but I had to create boundaries as to eliminate stress.  I'm now understanding the true meaning of friendships and relationships. I used to pride myself with having the best relationships around me, but slowly starting to see that I am at a place in life and it requires me to stay home A LOT and it doesn't allow for me to be physically present. I kind of fee like a shut in at many times. I've had my fair share of FOMO (fear of missing out), but I had to learn how to cope with staying home and living vicariously through my friends. My  job and my kids consume me, leaving me drained at the end of the day. The reason I bring up the friendships around me is because through Hunter's Threads, my journey with Hunter and the different life scenarios that have come in waves, I am realizing I have some amazing new and old relationships around me. Some are more distant, some are closer and friends that I didn't event realize cared so much were right there holding my hand through it all. I have developed even deeper friendships with people that have served as my life line. 

Hunter's Threads has been a unique way in which I have connected with more parents that are going through the same struggles and processes that I went through, understanding that the social aspect of my life has been altered and manifests itself in different ways, and being forced to be cut off from the world it seems, can be depressing at times. Kids parties aren't fun with a kid who is overly stimulated, leaving the house with a kid who has a hard time with transitions, going grocery shopping with a kid who fails to listen, hyper focuses on one thing and runs after it avoiding all safety precautions becomes exhausting. Having people over my house has literally been the only way we are able to socialize and that in itself is still rough. I know this is temporary, but during this time, I can only try to do what I can to be an advocate in this therapy world.

Thank you all for helping me with the launch and I'm excited about all new friendships that are developing. Our family has felt the support of the community and friends. Thank you.