Hunter's Threads consists of 2 channels: 

1. Selling Hunter's Threads Merchandise online and in store to people who want to advocate & represent the brand and financially contribute to kids in therapy  (physical, occupational, speech, music, and art).*because we are a new business, we will start with speech & occupational and move into physical, music and art therapy - all therapies will begin in 2017.

2. Used and new kids clothing (books, toys, and accessories) at an actual brick and mortar store located in the Outer Sunset - The brick and mortar store will be used to schedule therapy, play groups hosted by therapists in the store and through Hunter's Threads and it's partners.

*Grand Opening scheduled for September 3, 2016

Hunter's Threads Mission:

Hunter's Threads is a brand that is committed to selling used children's and women's clothing and HT merchandise. A portion of sales will go towards providing free therapy (physical, speech and occupational therapy) / play based sessions hosted by therapists, via clinics, & other third party organizations that are committed to help children with developmental delays.

Ways You can get involved:

1. Become a Hunter's Threads Brand Rep. Purchase Hunter's Threads Merchandise online or in store. Take photos in HT Merchandise, share, tag, post on social media. 

2. Get your company, school, organization buy Hunter's Threads Merchandise, host clothing drives for gently used children's clothing

3. Volunteer your skills to help formalize the company - email resume's to

4. Find donors that will provide seed money to get the company up and going

5. Refer any therapists, learning & behavioral specialists, companies, web developers, app developers, designers, marketing, photgraphers, bloggers, videographers, investors, and any other resources that Hunter's Threads could benefit from

6. Become a partner. Your logo will be on the Hunter's Threads website and partners are committed to representing the brand and contributing financially. For more information on how to become a partner, please email

7. Like & rate Hunter's Threads on social media and follow, tag, post, share Hunter's Threads on Instragram, FB, Twitter #officialhuntersthreads #huntersthreads #threadsfortherapy

8. Join our mailing list.

Thank you for your support,

Michelle, Jody, Hunter and Isla


Michelle and Jody